BP Meeting & Day of Action on April 18!
For almost two years now, Tibetans and supporters have been campaigning against BP, because of their $600 million investment in PetroChina. PetroChina is the Chinese oil and gas company, which is extracting Tibet’s natural gas reserves and has built a pipeline in Tibet to transport the gas to China’s industrialized east coast. In other words, PetroChina is stealing Tibet’s natural gas reserves to be used in China’s big cities. At the same time, the construction of the pipeline and the gas extraction have damaging consequences for the Tibetan land and people.

BP knows about our concerns, but they have failed to pull out of their investment in PetroChina.

On April 18, representatives from SFT and other Tibet Support Groups will be at BP Amoco’s annual general meeting in London to voice their opposition to BP’s dirty business in Tibet. In solidarity, Tibetans and SFTers around the world will protest BP, through demonstrations, flyering, faxes, emails and phone calls.


As previously announced, THURSDAY APRIL 18 is the BP Day of Action! This is the day of BP's annual general shareholder's meeting in London. Tibetans and supporters there will be making sure they remember the issue of Tibet at this meeting.
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(Info on actions and, NEW!, Demonstration in New York City on April 18th!)

In solidarity, Tibetans and supporters across the US and Canada will protest at BP's corporate headquarters to remind BP that we will continue to hold them accountable for their support of China's exploitation and destruction of Tibet until they divest of PetroChina. We hope you will join us!

Below please find:

(1) Info on NYC demonstration

(2) On-Line Action alert - Please click to send a letter to BP today!

(3) Background info / refresher


Where: 535 Madison Ave (at 53rd Street)
When: THURSDAY, April 18; 11:30am - 2:00pm
Why: To protest BP's continued investment in PetroChina and their complicity in China's exploitation and destruction of Tibet.
For more info, call: SFT, 212-358-0071
(2) Action alert: Please send a letter to BP and urge them to stop exploiting Tibet!
You can do this on-line via the web at: http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/sftbp/w5s3un4h78xedt

(see below)
For the first time, western corporations are involved in a major resource extraction project in Tibet. In 1999, BP Amoco purchased $560 million of stock in PetroChina when it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange, which covers the cost of the construction of a 953-km gas pipeline across the plateau. BP Amoco and ENI/Agip are both assisting the Chinese-state company PetroChina in its oil & gas exploitation in Tibet, aiding PetroChina in sending Tibet's precious resources to the high energy demands of Shanghai in Eastern China. This is a significant escalation of China's ongoing strategy of developing Tibet into a resource extraction colony. If allowed to continue, the projects will consolidate China's control over Tibet, and further marginalize Tibetans in their own land.

BP's investment in PetroChina is part of a larger effort by the Chinese government to quickly and carelessly develop Tibet. Building a pipeline through Tibet and exhausting its rich supply of oil and gas is just one facet of the "Go West!" development scheme. BP's involvement with PetroChina marks the first large-scale contribution of the Western world to aiding China's destruction of Tibet.

BP Amoco is both the largest foreign shareholder in PetroChina, and the top investor in the Chinese oil industry. Their PetroChina investment violates BP's own standards on human rights and social responsibility. Despite concerns raised by a broad coalition of interest groups, including labor, human rights, religious freedom, small business, anti-slavery, and Tibet, BP has flatly refused to address these issues with PetroChina. In December 2000, 54 organizations from 16 countries urged BP to either use its influence immediately or divest itself of PetroChina stock by January 15, 2001. Dr. Chris Gibson-Smith, Group Managing Director of BP, wrote the coalition back, noting that "neither request is practical or desirable."

A coalition of Tibet Support Groups filed a Special Resolution at last year's (2001) AGM, calling on BP to divest from PetroChina. The Resolution received the backing of shareholders who represent 627.5 million shares, with a market value of 3.8 billion pounds. This was a very strong showing, and should have sent a very strong message to BP that its shareholders expect BP to maintain its principles and divest from PetroChina. But in the year since the AGM, BP appears to have simply disregarded these shareholders' concerns with no tangible efforts made on behalf of its commitment to human rights.

Tibetans and supporters around the world are calling for BP to be held accountable for its investment in PetroChina, and to immediately divest itself from the company.

Please join us and raise your voice!

For more info, please see: www.ustibet.org

Thank you for your support of Tibet!
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